Using To-dos

Your inbox is now your to-do list! At the top of the inbox, you will find the to-do section, which contains unread message threads, notes, and triggered reminders.

Reading a message automatically marks it as done. Items can manually be marked as Done from within the inbox by hovering over a note or reminder and clicking the “Done” button.mark_as_done.gif

A to-do can manually be added by typing it in the "Add a to-do" field.todo_post_office.gif

Below the to-do items is the Done section, which contains your read messages. To revisit an important thread later, set a Reminder that will make that thread appear in your to-do section at a specific date and time, or just mark it as to-do, which will immediately move it to the to-do section.mark_as_todo_and_remind.gif

Click "Hide Done" for a cleaner inbox experience. To archive Done messages in your inbox, this option can now be found under "..." next to the "Hide Done" button.hide_show_done.gif

This feature can be disabled under Twobird Settings > Toggle off "Treat unread messages as to-dos"

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