Text Blocks, Comments, and Assignees

Text Blocks

Press enter to start a new text block in a note.

  • On the web and/or desktop app: once a text block has been created, you can click on the drag handle in the left margin and move it around a note. 


On the web or in the desktop app, comment on specific text by clicking the speech bubble icon on the bottom right side of the section/text block.
On mobile, the comment button appears on the keyboard toolbar.


To assign a task to someone on the web or desktop app, click on the Assignee icon on the right hand side of a text block. When you click it, a field will appear for you to type the Assignee name in.
On mobile, use the Assignee button on the keyboard toolbar.
Once someone is assigned a task, their name will appear below the text block. You can click on the Assignee name to remove or add assignees.
If you are assigned something, your name will appear in blue and other assignees will be in light gray. 
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