Notes make collaboration easy! After writing a checklist or jotting down ideas, you can immediately share them with your team for review and live editing. You can embed them into a message or share a direct link with others - this way, your team can work together without having to leave your inboxes.
Use Cases:
Team Projects - Great for outlining, sharing drafts, and more. 
Expenses - Use tables to easily calculate group expenses. 
Group Vacation Planning - Make sure everyone's flights/lodging are booked and plan your itinerary together. 
Grocery lists - We use notes to ensure our office kitchen is always stocked with everyone's favorite snacks! 
Sharing ideas - Share movie recommendations or choose next month's book club book.
Party Planning - RSVPs? Check. Food that meets everyone's dietary restrictions? Check.

To create and share a note on web

  1. Click on the + Note button on the top right in the main navigator.
  2. A compose window will appear. Write whatever you’d like in the note.
  3. Click on the Share icon in the top right corner of the note.
  4. From there - you can email the note, copy the note link, or duplicate it. 

To create and share a note on mobile

  1. Tap on "Take a note" at the bottom of the screen to start typing.
    • Within this view, you can quickly save the note, snooze, or delete it.
  2. Tap on the expand icon to switch to a detailed view. From here, you can:
    • Tap on the checkmark icon to create checklists.
    • Tap on the table icon to create tables.
    • Tap on the comment icon to add a comment.
    • Tap on the assignee icon to assign a task someone.
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