Text Styling

Twobird supports markup formatting to make styling your notes and emails easy.
To make the text bold, surround it with *, like *this text is bold*.
To make the text italicized, surround it with _, like _this text is italicized_
To strikethrough the text, surround it with ~, like ~this text is crossed out~
Bold, italic, and strikethrough Styles can be combined -_*like* this_-
For single line preformatted text (such as source code), surround it with `, like `this is a code snippet`
For multi-line preformatted text (such as source code), surround it with three ```'s
To make a blockquote write > Hi, and it will look like this:
> Hi
Write # for a large header, such as this:

# h1

For medium headers, write ##, and it will appear like this:

## h2

Lastly, for small headers, you can write ###, and it will be displayed as:

### h3

To make bullets, use a dash - before the text for your list!
- bulleted
two spaces - indented bullets
Links can now be created in emails and notes. Select text or a URL and then choose the Screen_Shot_2021-07-19_at_7.15.28_PM.png icon in the toolbar. Links can also be manually created using brackets and parentheses, like this: [example text](https://twobird.com)

Keyboard shortcut support

  Windows and ChromeOS MacOS
Bold Ctrl+B Cmd+B
Italic Ctrl+I Cmd+I
Strikethrough Ctrl+Shift+S Cmd+Shift+S
Single line preformatted text Ctrl+Shift+C  Cmd+Shift+C


When the text cursor is visible in the note, you will see the markup characters. When you click outside the message or note, the markup characters will be hidden.
Similarly, markup characters won't appear in sent messages but the formatting is preserved.
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